remind me again
succeed in swaying me
to disturbances on my left
i trust you to take my attention
why do i want to never know
mist making the near things far away
shortening the day
if someone could fill the silence
convince me i'm someone you really know
give me permission to forget

i have no feeling under this spell
i've been dancing around my cell
how am i honest it's all for sale
every promise is worth what you pay

sincerely pulled by strings no less
forgive me for being clear
i'm covered in silk you smell like perfume
rituals we're bound to

hard to remember
when my body decides
my conscience surrenders
deaf and blind
how is it easy from miles away
to reach in and seize me
a little each day
here in the middle there's no need to pretend
there isn't a whisper till i live again

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