About Apprehenchmen

Oakland 4-piece Apprehenchmen presents a sampler platter of weirdo rock, revealing a timeline where Can jammed with Pavement, and David Byrne read his poetry over it. Core couple Andy Tisdall and Stacey Swan craft rapid-fire modern-retro pop songs, and the band adds judicious layers of guitar fuzz and jammy freak-outs.

Andy Tisdall, veteran of Bay Area bands Little Teeth and ZOO, started playing music with his fiance because they didn't want to hire a band at their own wedding. After their marriage, the couple began to write strange little indie rock songs to entertain friends. They recruited other Oakland musicians to fill out the band, and are now releasing their second full-length album. "Murder Eyes" is a 14 song examination of how just deep you can dive when the world is super weird.

Apprehenchmen consists of:

Andy Tisdall: vocals, bass
Stacey Swan: drums, vocals
Dan Hoffheins: guitar
Shaun Haber: guitar

Other bands with Andy in them:


Blow Dry (Ben and Andy)

Past Lineup:

Andy Tisdall: vocals, bass
Stacey Swan: keys, vocals
Paul Igaz: drums
Ben Christopher: guitar

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