i earned my wealth
put it on the shelf
counted my eggs
but it was soon
to be a different tune
without a score
so i demurred
rejecting advice i had heard
i was reassured

i wouldn't have to stop what i'm doing
buy me another chance
all is forgiven in advance

there's a worm in my eye
giving notes with my voice
won't shut up won't stand by
limited resources hamstring our forces
go hungry or grow fat

stop what i'm doing
give me another shot
all you can do is paint the rot

under the floor is where my fortune is stored
debased currency
now i'm amazed at how much i'm willing to pay
to stand in line

forward red behind green
it's a drop in the pail for me
don't greet me don't thank me
lenses click to capture me proliferate endlessly
in the light so save me
in the white light so try to salvage me

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