where is the sponge that will soak up the grunge
that i wanted to be covered head to my feet
i will die if i let this go by
and i will never be born retroactively
scrape me thin i'm ready to begin
again and again
show me how tell me when

see my head on the ground
no worries now
all the weight of it adds to my load
nice and slow
unwanted release of my soul
don't fly away
no wonder the leak in your eye
watery watery

close and cold
turning to gold
so my value can be measured more perfectly
but in a crowd if i scream it out loud
they will lower their eyes
now immune to surprise

where are the rays that i ride
far away say sorry
in the gaze of the eye in the sky
in my short story
drop roll into grass into mud
no worry sky starry

does it belong to the kid
recall the scene where you started your crime
rewind zero in on just one
mirror the movements you made
collapse running that high
vent all your heat with a sigh
clear out the air
rot in your rags
you see my cold sweat at the same time
i smell your warm blood
the same as mine

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