Slide Projector

patience is all you need when you wait
loosen your jaw you won't dare resist it
your prey on the plate
bound by my arms
already lazy
bathed in the brine
chow down
when you savor the chase
you delay consummation
my remains remain above ground

so my soul stays on time
burned at the stake
impure untame
peek through your eyes
appear to mine

close to a catch
let your precision slide
projector path
sight validates you
light proves you're here
sewn in a hide
conversing with symbols
predicting my fate
portraying belief
diminish the stakes
my bags are so heavy
with all that remains to me

if i could put out every last light I'd be glowing
can't bring modesty into a fight
your soft parts are showing
can't keep the things that you find in the dirt
possession is permanent but you
and I are just visiting

a flash on the screen
so bright so brief
look back at me
while you can still see

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