always seething in the hallways
please don't breathe until you're all ways
bend and gather up your stray strings
plead refusal of the calling

now we're stuck being new
hot and hard to hold
being unconsoled
reinvent the wheel
what do you say when you won't learn
the proper way to plead observance of routine
cry for the random things
a face you won't remember
the sanity of doubt
until the past thousand days
it seemed figured out
it seemed all arranged
which one is me
was it meant to be
was it meant to be

oh abstraction i love you more than me
soul subtraction vacant and serene

word soldier deploy into the field
semi savior show me to the hidden deal
hold on a minute you're so hurried all the time
keep this image for when you only have your mind

where you crawl i follow
you think you're hidden in the dark
but the roar of your breath and the crashing of your heart
who's that seething in the hallways
who could not refuse the calling

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