Nuisance Fire

swimming gently into the mouth of a whale
what sound to make as i exhale?
should i scream?
should i swallow and explain what i mean?
ever closer, surroundings press into me
till i'm part of the scenery
war and dawn and love all take their place across me
organizing a home where everybody can be found
i can't bear to leave anyone out
give each a name, no two exactly the same

corona visible
bleeding edge, yet to transpire
omen, it is it good?
is it the kind that can be escaped?
enraged to be involved
nuisance fire, still alight
maintain when the bottom's dropped out
never breathe in your poison cloud

oh, to be there
feel the decline, taste the delight
oh, are you happy now?
this will be your last try

still a baby, new and untested
born to be vain
born to be proud
when arrows fly you'll rue the light in your eyes

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