Make Me Sympathize

close the door on your dream of flowing water
convoluted is the knot that cinches harder
your belief does not require strict adherence
kneel at the shrine to disappearance

cushion, curl up and sail out
comfort, comfort, don't let me near it
cushion, sink into softness

and no one will lie down
every conversation is drowned out
all that i need is a word that will lead me to you
and you'll say it too

i'll dine on this then
at least i won't be thin
color and light appeal to my eyes
and make me sympathize
you are not so bad

out of nowhere, unfamiliar scenery
sudden stutter where your confidence should be
uneven beats your heart

unbidden comes a thought, a doubt
ill-fitting how the air hangs down
indecisive pumps your blood

uncontent i spend the day in rearrangement
shift from a to b to c
convoluted is the heart
can you pull yourself apart and see inside?

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