Magnetic Poles

come see it run
once around each time you exhale
how regretful i let it get too hot
one hundred million
oh alien that sound that you sang
understand not having heard
so many years ago
when i still had a head

what is wafting down my hall
rude and low

align you'll take that shape
arrive after several disintegrations
all over the place
untied from a specific ebb and flow
organized in lines around your magnetic poles

home you always see yourself the same
sensitive to any change
nobody else can see my face

what is painted in my mind

alone in my room in my bed
sleeping open heart under the magnet
all wrong you never ask till you know
what will become of my tongue
what will become

sun dried loose skin sheds and falls
reveal the broken heart peering through rib windows
capsized by loss of equilibrium
hovering suspended tween your magnetic poles

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