I’ll Be You

personal security
a confidant who never speaks
are you longing to know me a little better?
would you listen to words that make you doubt?
inside turning out
endure it as you please
do whatever's easiest
but either way requires effort

dream your muscles ask for nothing
sway in the breeze, your power out

do you really want to be someone?
disappointed till your will is done
make sure you have a reaction to all scenarios
are you so compelled to play your part?
are you content to just pursue your heart's desire?
determined now to make your mark
lovely or grotesque

feeling, return to me
being guarantees nothing
a hollow art, deciding how this fantasy will settle out
i renounce my arrogance
too slow, it's all i know
tracing fossils on the floor

investigation ends and nothing's left unknown
dawn has come and no one's standing
vacation while your puzzle solves itself
meaning is yours alone

do you always have to feel defined?
are you happy when you draw that line?
no confusion over what's inside and out
oh the harder that i hold myself
more and more i could be someone else
details i can't even tell
so small so small so small
oh darling are you me tonight?
better study hard and get it right
dishonor if you let it slide
and i'll be you
oo honey do you know me well?
my replacement, how can you tell?
please put me to the test until i'm true
i'm dreaming that i'm you

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